Time is Money

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Time is Money

Do you know what this symbol is?

This is the reason your employees don’t log their billable time while they are performing services. This is like sand in the gears and it’s causing your business to collect less revenue than it's entitled to.

How much more time would your team bill if capturing and logging it in Connectwise was instant and seamless? How often have you performed services without documenting your time spent, only to go back days or weeks later trying to remember what you did and how much time you spent? Think about how much time you spend trying to document billable services the day timesheets are submitted. This process is frustrating, time consuming, anything but productive and it’s never going away.

Now multiply that across your tech force. Those are real dollars adding up, money that would be yours if the process of logging time in Connectwise were effortless and convenient.

Capture more billable time, make more money.

With just a few easy clicks, your employees will be able to use our mobile software to track their time at a customer’s site. Or they can use it to add time to their timesheet anytime they are away from the office. Either way, all additional time captured is 100% profit.

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