Introducing TekMe, the next evolution in tech support.

Why is tech support so painfully inconvenient? A  computer repair or IT support provider shouldn’t make you wait hours or days before they can help. You shouldn’t get a four hour window for their arrival when you want someone to help now with Mac repair, laptop repair, data recovery or another computer problem that has you frustrated. And you shouldn’t have to unplug your hardware and lug it across town just to take a number at a busy help desk.

To solve these problems, we created the TekMe platform to connect highly qualified techs to customers who need on-site support at their home or business right away. Using our app, it takes just a few clicks to identify your problem and service location. From there, pre-qualified IT and computer support techs who are both close by and immediately available to help will begin to appear on your screen. You can review their profiles to see their ratings, rate, and other information. Once you make your selection, the computer support tech will be on their way within minutes. The service charge will be conveniently billed directly to your credit card.

TekMe techs are all highly qualified and pass extensive background checks so you can rest easy. Contact TekMe now or download our app to experience five star customer service on your schedule.

The founders of TekMe have been in the business of providing tech support to small and medium sized businesses and individuals for over a decade. We realized that the best techs needed no supervision to perform the most common IT tech support issues, they just needed to be told where to go. So we created a platform where highly qualified techs could connect directly with customers and work when it is convenient to both the customer and the tech. TekMe was born.

Every time you use TekMe to request mobile computer tech support, we expect you to receive outstanding service. If for any reason you do not, we want to hear from you right away! Or contact us to tell us what you liked best about TekMe. We want to talk to you!