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Make Money as a TekMe Tech

How do I make money as a TekMe tech? – You set your own hourly rate. When you make yourself “available” on the TekMe smartphone app, you will be able to see incoming job requests from customers. You can apply to a job and know within a minute if you are accepted as the tech to perform that service. The minimum charge for each customer is one hour of your time multiplied by your rate per hour. TekMe earns a commission for connecting you to the customer. The rest is yours.

How and when do I get paid? – Once per week TekMe will direct deposit your earnings to your account.

Sign up to become a TekMe tech

How can I become a TekMe tech? – There is a four part process that begins with you contacting us. You can call us at (844)-483-5669 or contact us here: Get Started. We will conduct an interview after which we will test your technical proficiency in the areas in which you represent that you have strong skills. Once you prove your proficiency you’ll be asked to undergo a thorough background check. After this you will be escorted by a TekMe employee to perform your first few jobs. If all goes well, you will be able to obtain work from the TekMe platform any time you wish to work.


What if a customer needs hardware of software installed? – When you sign up to the TekMe platform you will be given certain hardware and access to download certain software on behalf of your customers. An inventory of the equipment will be provided to you when you sign up. This hardware is expected to be sold within thirty days. The cost will be charged to you when it is either sold or thirty days after you receive it, whichever comes sooner. Each time you sell any hardware or software you will indicate the same in the TekMe app so we can add it to the customer’s invoice and make sure you get paid for it.


The TekMe app can be installed on Apple iPhones and iPads and devices running Android.


TekMe’s privacy policies apply to every individual who uses TekMe to request or provide IT services. If you use TekMe to both request and provide services, our respective privacy statements apply to your different interactions.

Customer Terms and Conditions

Customer Privacy

Tech Privacy


Can a customer pay me directly? – No. Customers are charged for the services you provide through the TekMe platform after you complete the service. TekMe collects the charges and remits the tech portion directly to the tech once per week via direct deposit.

Can I ask a customer to contact me directly the next time they need service? – No. Doing so will cause you to be removed from the TekMe platform. You will no longer be able to perform jobs for TekMe customers.

Do you have a deactivation policy? Yes. Techs will be in customers’ homes and their small businesses. Therefore, it is paramount that techs deliver reliable service in a safe and responsible manner. To this end, there are certain behaviors or safety standards that, when violated, could cause you to lose your privilege to apply for new work on the TekMe platform either temporarily or permanently, depending on the seriousness of the breach. The deactivation policy can be found here: Deactivation Policy.


How can I get paid by TekMe? – Tekme will remit your net earnings once per week by direct deposit. You can change or delete your bank information through your account profile on your smartphone app.


How can I earn incentives? Techs who refer other techs or customers are eligible for certain incentives. Incentives are updated from time to time. Current incentives can be found in your account under “Incentives”.

Getting Help

If at any time you need assistance regarding your account or your work on the TekMe platform, contact us at (844)-483-5669 or email us at