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Computer problem? You’ll feel a lot better about it when we send an IT support or computer repair technician to your location to fix it promptly. Check out how to use TekMe and get ready to change your mind about what you expect from computer repair techs. We’re dedicated to your satisfaction; so much so, we created our app to make it super easy to receive the knowledgeable and rapid computer support help you need.

Support for Customers

Using TekMe

How does TekMe work? – When you need help with your computer or network connection in your home or business, you can order service with just a few clicks using our smartphone app or call us. You can expect a qualified, background-checked tech to arrive at the location of your choice within an hour. We will charge your credit card for your service when it is complete. If your problem is not fixed, we will refund the cost.

Do techs have to pass background checks? – Yes. Every tech is background-checked to ensure the safety of the customers and their property.

How do I know if the techs I see are knowledgeable enough to solve my problem? – Our system ensures that only those techs which have proven their technical proficiency with respect to your particular type of service request are actually able to see and respond to your request.

Is TekMe available in my city? – TekMe is not available in every city (yet!). If you’re not sure if the service is available in your city, contact us and we'll let you know.

When is TekMe service available? - TekMe service is available between 8:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. seven days per week.

First Time Users

How do I order service? – To order service you can contact us, or download our app and register as a first time user.  Registering to order service requires that you provide certain information like your name, email and physical address so we can communicate with you, and your credit card information so we can charge your card for the service, hardware and software purchased.  If you aren’t ready to order service but would just like to register to get helpful tips and discount offers from time to time, you only need to enter your email address here:


TekMe’s privacy policies apply to every individual who uses TekMe to request or provide IT services. If you use TekMe to both request and provide services, our respective privacy statements apply to your different interactions.

Customer Terms and Conditions

Customer Privacy

Tech Privacy


Can I make a reservation for future service? – Reservations for future service are not available at this time. You will need to order service when it is required.

Can I choose which tech I want to use? – Every time you order service, you will be able to choose which tech you will use based on tech availability. You may or may not be able to order a tech you’ve used for previous service.

Can I order service but at a location other than my present location? – Yes, you will be able to specify your current location or send a tech to another location as long as someone is available at that other location to provide access for the tech.

Do I have to pay if the tech can’t solve my problem? – If a tech is unable to solve your service problem, you will receive a refund provided that you accurately described your problem when ordering service. Refunds are issued on a case-by-case basis.

Is there a minimum charge for service? – The minimum charge for completed service is one hour multiplied by the hourly rate of the tech you choose.

Ordering Service

How do I order service? – You can call us at (844)-483-5669 or contact us by email through our website in which case we will call you immediately and connect you with an available tech. If you have our smartphone app, simply open the app and follow the prompts describing your service problem, identifying the location where you would like the service performed, and selecting the tech of your choice.

How do I know how much it will cost? – Each tech sets their own hourly rate. There is a one hour minimum charge for all jobs (refunds are issued for incomplete jobs on a case-by-case basis). Most jobs are completed within 1 ½ hours but every service call varies. When your tech arrives and identifies the problem, ask them for an estimate of the time it will take to fix it. In every case, the actual time can vary from the estimate provided.

Cancelling a service request – You have one minute to cancel a service request starting as soon as the service is confirmed. This ensures that the tech does not incur the cost or loss of time to travel to your service location without payment. Once this one minute grace period lapses you will be charged a minimum of the tech’s hourly rate multiplied by one hour.

Rating a tech – Individual techs rely on your high ratings to obtain more work on the TekMe platform. At the same time, TekMe uses the rating system to improve service and, in some cases, remove underperforming techs from the platform to ensure that TekMe techs only include the highest performers.


How do I pay for my service? – When you register, we collect your payment card information. When your service is complete, your card is charged automatically. We will email a copy of your invoice to you showing the service that was performed, any hardware or software purchased, and the total amount charged to your card. No cash is accepted. Techs are not permitted to accept payment on site.

Can I change my payment method? – Yes. You can change the credit card on file by simply changing this information through the “My Account” button in the smartphone application or by calling us at (844)-483-5669 so we can update your account information.


How can I receive promotions? – Once you register, you will receive promotional discounts from time to time by email. If you have never used TekMe service, you don’t have to complete the full registration to obtain a credit. Instead, you can earn a credit to be used against your first service simply by contacting us.

We provide immediate cash credits in exchange for referrals – From time to time you may receive an offer to earn an immediate credit in exchange for referring TekMe to your friends and associates. Those you refer will also be able to obtain a credit for themselves for future use of TekMe.

“$50 off first service” Promotion Rules

  • Must present or communicate the promo code you were provided in advance of receiving service
  • Cannot be redeemed for cash
  • Must be used by a business
  • Expires after first use. Any unused portion of promotional discount is forfeited.
  • All standard TekMe Customer Terms and Conditions apply

Getting Help

If at any time you need help regarding TekMe service, please contact us. We will do our very best to resolve your issue quickly and to your satisfaction.