Do your techs spend hours of valuable time filling out timesheets in Connectwise? Do they wait to record time until timesheets are due and forget billable time as a result?

Our FREE mobile app accelerates and simplifies recording billable time in Connectwise so your techs can easily record 100% of their time WHILE they are working with clients. With just a few quick clicks, your techs can open a Connectwise ticket and start recording their time. See how it works!

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Every missed time entry is 100% lost profit.

Think about how many hours potentially went unbilled in your business just in the last billing cycle. It only takes a few unbilled hours in one cycle to reach several hundred dollars of lost profit. As a business owner, you know exactly who pays for those lost dollars. It’s time to fix this leak.

Our app is FREE and there’s absolutely no obligation. With no risk, what are you waiting for? Download our TekMe app today and see for yourself how much more money you will make.

About Us

Mike Hughes, Co-Founder:
As the founder of my own MSP, I constantly struggled with my techs not entering all of their billable time. Time sheet day was always hectic because we had our typical calls coming in but I always felt like we had no staff because everyone was busy filling out their timesheets, trying to remember what they worked on over the last two weeks. Sure, there were notes, emails, spreadsheets and other tricks techs would use to try to capture all of it but I knew I was watching profit evaporate for no good reason.

Over the years I tried the Connectwise mobile app multiple times but it was always slow and required so many clicks just to open a ticket! Because of this my techs wouldn’t use it and I couldn’t blame them. We created the TekMe app as a tool to make it fast and easy to perform the vital function of capturing billable time. Problem solved! Now my techs are opening tickets while they are walking in the front door of a client and taking billable calls from home after hours, and we’re collecting that revenue! My techs even use it when they are at their desks because TekMe is simply faster than Connectwise Manage.

Our app is free and there are no obligations. Download our app today to begin capturing ALL of your billable time!

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