Pro Techs On-Site, On-Demand

Tech support for your home or small business RIGHT NOW

Pro Techs, On-site, On-demand

Professional tech support at your home or business right now

Mobile techs can be
on-site within minutes

Contact us or use our app to choose your IT support tech and get IT or computer repair service right now. TekMe techs are mobile and will come to your small business, home, or location of your choice right away, not hours or days from now. They have each passed vigorous background checks and we’ve made sure they can solve your Mac, PC, IT or other computer problem fast. Did we mention they can come to you right now?

The choice is yours.
That's different!

When you request tech support to your home or business through TekMe, you can choose your own IT support or computer repair tech after reviewing their price and customer ratings, profile and experience.

TekMe can connect you with a qualified tech who can provide a fast solution for any problem.

Our mission is to provide the fastest, highest quality tech support for your home or small business that’s easy on your budget

How Fast?
Usually within minutes. When you use our app, only techs who are ready to provide service right away will appear on your screen. And you can see how close each tech is to your service location.
How Much
How Good Are They?


Call or Email us, or use our app to make
your service request super easy.


Choose a Service

First, tell us what you need help with by just clicking on the list of common problems. You can also provide some additional voice or text description if you need to.  


Choose a Location

You can have a TekMe tech come to your current location, meet you somewhere else or go to the location of someone you’re trying to assist.


Choose a Tech

Available nearby techs will see your request for service and begin to appear on your screen as they offer to assist. You can choose one based on their profile, price, experience or reviews.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Michelle S.

Los Angeles, CA

I was working from home and suddenly lost my internet connection. I called my internet service provider and after an hour on the phone they couldn’t fix it. Then they said the fastest they could send someone was in four days but I didn’t have that much time. I tried TekMe. Wow! One of their techs was at my house within about 20 minutes. Within a half hour my problem was fixed. I’m a lifetime customer now for sure!


Troy J.

Carlsbad, CA

My business is small enough that it doesn’t make sense for me to have a full or even part time IT person on the clock and I don’t want to be in a monthly contract for service. But every now and then we have a computer or network issue and we end up having to wait at least a day and sometimes longer to get some help here. I tried TekMe to get a new employee set up. I wasn’t in a rush but a tech came immediately and took care of all of it for us in no time.  I'll just use TekMe every time we need computer help now. The service was excellent.


Mike S.

San Diego, CA

Apparently while trying to download a free game I also picked up a virus. To say my computer went crazy is an understatement. As annoying as it was, I was more paranoid about the security issues I believed I probably had. A friend of mine told me about TekMe so I contacted them. A tech showed up much faster than I was expecting. No more virus!