Need Data Recovery? Don’t Panic!

It happens. Sometimes when on a computer, a user accidentally deletes a valuable file with a bunch of other junk without realizing it. When they next need that file, they can’t find it. In a panic, they search their computer folders and files. It doesn’t turn up. They dig through the recycle bin but it’s not there either. They don’t remember deleting it for good, but it doesn’t seem to be anywhere. The file is just gone, vanished.

Uh-oh. If this is an important file, this type of scenario can be disastrous. What if there was private financial information on there or other data that’s irreplaceable? What should the user do? They need that information back, but they’re just not sure how to get it.

Luckily, in some instances, there is a way. Some tech support companies, like TekMe, offer data recovery services in which that seemingly lost file can potentially be recovered. But when obtaining data recovery services, the level of support can differ from each provider.

If calling an IT company about recovering a lost file, the first thing they will likely suggest is to stop using the computer unless absolutely necessary. The more files that are added to the computer, the greater the likelihood that the old file could be overwritten. In that case, it may be impossible to recover the file. After this, most companies will ask you to bring the computer in as soon as possible. TekMe offers a far better solution. TekMe techs travel to you, the customer. Our techs can usually be onsite at the home or small business within an hour or two.

The tech will go through the computer’s drive, searching for and hopefully recovering the lost file. This generally doesn’t take long, only an hour or two.

If for some reason that tactic doesn’t work, the tech may move on to other methods of file recovery. If the file is corrupted or has been overwritten, they will explain this to the user. However, at least at that point the user knows they’ve done all they could to get the file back.

In the future, to prevent losing valuable files, the user should consider backing up their files. They can use a thumb drive, which plugs into the USB port, or a portable second hard drive, which also goes into the USB port. They may also want to try secure cloud services or even both options.

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